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Le Velvet


Le Velvet is a student organization at Virginia Commonwealth University that specializes in performing and recording K-Pop dance covers. When the group was established in 2019, I collaborated with the founder to establish the organization's identity. I remained with Le Velvet for three years until graduating.


  • Develop new branding that reflects the versatility nature of the dance organization suitable across multiple channels for marketing

  • Conceptualized art direction for dance covers and related promotions

  • Overseeing production to ensure smooth operations

  • Ensure clear lines of communications internally and externally


  • Leon Truong


  • Conceptualized, designed and upkept the identity and brand

  • Generated visual communications for social media and maintaining engagement by responding to comments and private messages, resulting in 88% increase for Instagram engagement within a 3-month timeframe

  • Devised art direction for social media and outfits with dance captains to express the dance concept

  • Supervised the photography and videography production

  • Edit the photos and prepare the files for Instagram and YouTube

  • Compile and assist in editing behind-the-scene footages

  • Trained interns on established protocols, production process, and communication strategies

  • Moderated Discord server to streamline communication among organization members

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