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Teva ad campaign was created in partnership with Samantha Douma. My role in this collaboration involves helping to devise a concept, writing the script, brainstorming the art directions, and executing the website and poster designs and mockups. The concept of this campaign is 'dress to show who you are,' even if that means rocking a pair of sock and sandals.


To encourage people to be fashionable with sandals, one of the ideas we came up with is to create a new section on their website where people can mix and match Teva sandals with socks. Another area of our campaign are ads for bus stations in 90s web aesthetic with editorial shots of people rocking their sandals fashion. We chose to really lean in on the 90s nostalgia for our art direction as Teva boomed in the 90s. Lastly, our radio ad plays on the idea of 'what if socks and sandals are now the cool thing and has been normalized in the future?' 

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